Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Diminishing, Decluttering, Minimizing...

I'm not a hoarder.....

There is a big BUT here, though.

I have way way too much 'stuff'. Stuff which at times - lots of times and an increasingly growing amount of times - suffocate me. Stuff of all kinds... Clothes, Shoes, Books, Art Supplies, This, That.... A lot of it, JUNK. Emotional junk, art junk, junk junk junk. Lots of nice stuff too. Or that I perceive to be nice. But the truth is, it is weighing on me. And it's just too heavy.

I have been reading a lot about hoarding and hoarding behaviors for a paper I have to write for school and present at the end of the semester. As a consequence, I have also come across numerous blogs and websites on the subject of minimalism.

I have no plans to become a radical minimalist, but I've been thinking lately of how nice it would be if I could 'simplify'. Simplify my wardrobe, my drawers, my pockets... I am so so tired of the clutter. So tired of picking up and putting away (in crammed places).

So I will. I will use this oh so abandoned blog (because I just spend too much time and am so busy sorting and putting all the STUFF away) to jot some notes about the process of minimizing, simplifying and decluttering my life and my surroundings.

I don't even know WHERE to start! I will find a place. Or a drawer. Or something.

Good luck to me :-)


Lisa said...

Good luck to you :)

ren said...

I will NEED it! :-)